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What is a session like?

A session is a comfortable cleansing experience for most people. Sessions last one hour and most people feel relief with the first session.

During the session most clothing is kept on. You will be draped or wearing a special gown that supports modesty. You are on your back with knees slightly elevated. A special hygienic speculum is gently inserted. Small amounts of warm and/or cool water are gently introduced into the body and then released with waste, mucus and undigested food. You will be able to observe this process through a lighted viewing tube. It is a closed system and there is no odor or mess. This gentle procedure is repeated several times until the session is complete.


hydrotherapy machineToday’s modern colon hydrotherapy equipment is manufactured in compliance with FDA guidelines. The FDA-registered equipment features temperature controlled water, back flow prevention valves, as well as water pressure and temperature sensors. There is also a built in chemical sanitizing unit that is run before and after each client session. Disposable single-use speculums are used for each client.

Will one colonic completely clean the colon?

No, almost never.

How many colonics are suggested?

For someone who has never had a colon cleansing of any kind it may take between three and twelve treatments for old impacted fecal matter to begin to dislodge. Often the waste is so hard and deeply lodged in the colon that it takes a series of sessions to sufficiently soften and loosen the material. It is also common to expel a considerable amount of gas during the first few treatments. The number of treatments varies with each individual and his/her condition. A personal assessment to suit your needs is done with your first session. You cannot reverse years of improper nutrition and colon ill-health in a few sessions.

Are colonics habit forming?

No. The purpose of cleansing the colon is to re-establish the health of the colon, so that it can once again function properly. The colon can not heal when it is impacted. Using water is a gentle way to re-establish the colon’s natural health.

Can I have a session during my menstrual cycle?

Yes. It is usually a good time to have a session because your body is already cleansing. In fact colon hydrotherapy will help reduce abdominal pressure associated with your cycle.

Will I be able to go to work after a session?

Yes. Colon cleansing should not interfere with your scheduled day. It fact, after a session you may find that you are feeling lighter, clearer and more energetic.




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