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Before visiting Pat at the Center for Colon Health I was averaging one bowel movement every six to nine days. My wife told me that not only was I ill-tempered but my skin was starting to look almost ashen-colored. I was tired all the time and my coping skills at work became negligible. After the first three visits I was convinced that I had made a mistake because I didn't feel any better, even though I could see the results of Pat's work during each session. After about the seventh or eighth treatment my body and my mind began to respond. I began to have two or three bowel movements every day. My energy level increased dramatically, my attitude at home and at work improved and my thought processes became clearer, decisions came quicker. Pat explained that everyone reacts in a different time frame, some faster and some slower than others. For me, knowing that I was keeping that much poison and toxicity in my body for a week at a time was frightening. This was truly a life-changing experience and I would easily recommend it for anyone with similar problems.

Jim L.

Colon hydrotherapy changed my life! After I had my baby, I thought my body would never "bounce back". Dieting and exercise weren’t doing enough, and my metabolism seemed to have slowed to the point of sluggishness. Two series of colon hydrotherapy sessions jump-started my metabolism; I lost five pounds and saw definition in my body that I never saw before the baby. I was a five-days-a-week workout girl, and my results shocked me. I am thrilled with Pat and her work. The results are SO amazing that everyone asked me for my secret. I tell everyone how fabulous Pat is, and now all my friends are customers too!

Wendy Ashley, LCSW, Psy.D

With my life long history of constipation, I had a series of colon hydrotherapy sessions in my twenties. What I remember from them is a painful experience with no bowel habit change. A recent CT scan showed the extent of my constipation, so I decided, reluctantly, to try colon hydrotherapy again. Pat Brown is a wonderful practitioner and a wonderful person; her treatments have brought my colon to a state of health that I don’t remember having before. I am so happy to have tried colon hydrotherapy again with Pat. I feel great! My energy has improved along with my eating habits and I will soon be completing my first marathon.

P. D.

Colon hydrotherapy - this has been the easiest weight loss I have ever had.

Hope P.



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